prince vs princess

prince vs princess
"i think i would like to meet you again.."

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Princess Hours

Princess hours in one word is 'everlasting'..
this drama become memorable because the power
of the dialogue.

Chaegyung : if there is no me,.. would it really be boring ?
Shin           : it'll be empty
Chaegyung : why ? are you afraid of being bored again ?
Shin           : because i can feel happiness when i'm with you ..

one moment, Chaegyung tired of all the situation, and she got mad to Shin

Chaegyung : if living under the same sky and standing in the same land makes me grow hatred for you. Then it'll be hard to handle..
after that, Shin hugged Chaegyung from the backside.. and it makes her stop talking.

Shin : can we just stay like this for a while ?

Shin talked to Chaegyung under the night sky, here is my favourite quote from this series..

Shin : for stars they have their own time, Just like planets, have their own revolving circle, humans have their own time to death.... in 2500 years, starting from now when 2.5 millions years pass by. all the things we're struggling now, we'll strunggle it again and we will meet the same person again. i think i would like to meet you again..

chaegyung : “the only reason i was able to breathe in the palace was because of shin goon. that’s why… i want to stay with you. the person i love is not the crown prince, just you. i love you. if my heart hurts so much, i think i love you.”
shin            : “if you stay by my side… i might break your wings”
chaegyung : “i don’t care…just say that you want me next to you.”
shin            : “please stay by my side. don’t leave. don’t leave me alone.”
(is that sweet ? because the crown prince Shin is the silent type person, and he could say that words to the crown princess that he didnt even care before.)

"Don't leave me alone"

“I like Shin. I fell for him. It’s as natural as the rising and the setting of the sun. It’s not because that it’s Shin. Living in an unfamiliar place, lonely because I am away from my family. And with my character, I fall for people easily. This maybe funny but, if I were to have met you first, I could have just fall for you. But one-sided love is so tiring. I do not like someone who is far away from me. He is always beside me, we chat face to face. I fell for someone whom I interact with everyday. Comparing this to a normal relationship, this is so much more exhausting.” – Chae Gyung

chaegyung : "to meet such a good friend like you (yul) was great. but i can't give you my heart,

... long time ago, shin goon said that stars have a reason to die, and so do humans. 2.5 millions years. when those 2.5 million years pass, they say that you might even meet the people you know again… i may be leaving shin's side now but…

i think in 2.5 million years, i'll still like
and after that, i start crying :'(


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